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Some words about me:

LiLA is the artist name, that has introduced me since the early 1980ies as a singer.

LiLA is a Sanskrit term for the cosmic play and that's the way I experience my life: the evolvement of a cosmic consciousness, that keeps on placing me inventively into new and unknown settings. An adventure, in which each step I take is a result of an ongoing groping for truth.  

Since the mid 1980ies also my paintings carry the signation LiLA. Most times a vision occurrs within me like a message from another, a deeper world.

Sometimes it's a feeling that keeps insisting on being expressed into the visual and more tangible realm. It can take years, till I can give birth to these germs, that seem to materialize in their own pace and by their own will. There are images that maybe will stay within me forever or they reveal their secrets in another way or as scetches and torsos.

Those visions, that must be born, unfold their messages during the creative process and in the intermitting times. Time plays an important role in my work. It is the sun, that shines rhythmically and continuously, to give color to the fruits.

The spectrum of my art from painting, graphics, video, photography to poetry, music and song lyrics in English, German and Austrian dialect is complemented by my scientific investigation 'Kunst als Sprache" ('Art as a Language') - a study in the realm of the philosophies of language, of culture, art and of cognitive science written as a Master thesis at the Philosophical Institute of the Karl-Franzens-Universitaet, Graz.

In this book now available as paperback on Amazon based on my experiences as an artist I compare the different arts with our normal language. In particular I focus on the specific ways of artistic communication and on the cognition through art for both, the artist and the recipient.
By now around 80 songs in varied styles resulted from the cooperation with different musicians as well as videos and audio-CDs that You can order via different platforms or directly from the artists. On my Wordpress- or Facebook-Page You may find more current works and activities of me.
In 2018 a poetry book on the many facettes of love was published. Have a look inside to read a few of its one hundred pages. In it You will also find the lyrics of "Mein schönster Platz" selected by the jury of the union of Austrian song-lyricists (VOET) for its love-song CD.
2020 my poetry-clip "
Austrian Agenda 2020" focussing on the dire times for artists and many businesses due to Corona-measures won the Poetry Slam of the renowned Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung. A further poetry book "Tage & Nächte" was published.
Besides my artistic endeavours I facilitate life changes via Hypnosis Training, Philosophical Counseling and SenseiReiki, Symbol Energy Work, Soundenergetic & Voice-Coaching.
For requests about my paintings and their purchase, for portraits and commissioned works, for distinct Instant-Portraying at Your special events as well as for Live-Music bookings or Counselings contact me via phone or email. 

I thank You for strolling by and wish You enjoyable discoveries on Your virtual walk through my gallery pages, weblinks, texts, lyrics and notes.

A Video of a Self-Portrait Drawing in the Making - to Watch Here
Photos © by & thanks to Gerhard H.Y. Fruhmann & Dr.Dr.Immanuel Fruhmann






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